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  • The temperature setting range of the devices can be adjusted to the desired temperature between -10°C and +70°C.
  • The humidity values of the devices can be adjusted to values between 0% and 99%.
  • The deviation of the devices in humidity values is maximum +/- 2%.
  • CFC-free high-density polyurethane foam is used as insulation material in the devices.
  • The humidification type of the device is done with ultrasonic material. The steam is not obtained with a boiler.
  • Therefore, the steam given into the cabin is given into the cabin at whatever temperature the water is. The steam obtained by boiling the water causes temperature deviations in the cabin due to the high temperature steam given into the cabin. However, the steam humidification system, which is given into the cabin as cold steam, minimizes the temperature deviations while the humidification system is running.
  • Our stability cabins have a compressor cooling system and a fan that provides air circulation inside the cabin. Thus, the cooling system performance is stronger and has a better homogeneous heat distribution in the cabin.
  • The heating system of the device is made with a heating element. The heating element is controlled by PID control system. Thus, the heating element consumes less power and increases energy efficiency. At the same time, temperature deviations are eliminated by ensuring that the temperature in the cabin remains constant at the set temperature value.
  • Step programs are available in the software of our stability cabins. This program has working mode, indefinite working mode and infinite working mode.

    Infinite Mode: When this mode is selected, a temperature set value and a humidity set value are entered into the device. The device will operate with the recorded temperature and number of values ​​until the user turns off the device.

    Continuous Operation Mode: A maximum of 5 different programs can be entered into the device. When these entered programs are completed, the formation of continuous operation mode is 1. The regular program system returns and the same steps are usually repeated.

    Indefinite Working Mode: In the indefinite working mode, the entered programs expire and the system is automatically shut down. Our stability cabins have a "TIMER" feature. Thanks to the timer feature, our devices operate as long as the recorded humidity and temperature set values ​​are entered.
  • Delayed start feature is also available in our stability cabinets. Delayed start feature means that the timer starts counting down after the sensor value of the device reaches the entered humidity and temperature value.
  • Our devices operate with 220 Volt / 50 Hz voltage.
  • The interior of our devices is made of 304 quality stainless steel material. This reduces the risk of contamination in the cabin.
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