-86 LABORATORY & PLASMA FREEZER ( -50 °C | -86 °C )

ULT 470

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  • Our ultra-deep freezers have net volumes of 280, 470 and 730 litres.
  • The temperature set value between -50°C and -86°C can be set on the display of the device.
  • Products are set to -86°C from our factory.
  • The internal volume of the device is made of Cr-Ni alloy stainless steel material. The outer body is made of antibacterial electrostatic powder painted sheet metal.
  • The inner cabin is cooled by static direct cooling method with cooling pipes surrounding the cabin.
  • The device has a cascade cooling system.
  • The temperature/time graph of the last 140 minutes can be seen on the screen of the device.
  • USB input is available for recording temperature data. 30-day temperature data can be saved in USB memory.
  • The device uses pt100 temperature sensor.
  • 12cm polyurethane foam is used for good insulation in the device.
  • There are two sealing gaskets to prevent air tightness of the device.
  • The device has a pressure stabiliser to prevent jamming caused by opening and closing the door
  • Our device is microprocessor controlled
  • In order to prevent unauthorised persons from using the device, each step to be performed on the device is done by encryption method.
  • For easy transport of the device, there are 2 free wheels with 2 stops.
  • The control panel of the device has an automatically charged accumulator system. This system ensures that the digital control panel continues to operate for 24 hours in case of possible power outages.
  • When the lower and upper temperature limits are exceeded, when the door of the device is open, when there is a power outage or low voltage problem, the device warns with a visual and audible warning signal. It sends error codes to the thermal printer and usb files together with the screen.
  • Our devices are manufactured in accordance with CO2 (Carbon Dioxide Back UP) system