PLASMA TAV ( +20°C | +45°C )

EPS 10

  • The device is designed for heating or thawing of blood products stored in blood bags such as erythrocytes, fresh frozen plasma.
  • The device performs the melting process with aqueous system. It is realised by natural circulation movement in the aqueous system.
  • The water tank of the device is 20 litres.
  • Microprocessor control system allows the user to adjust the temperature.
  • The device operating range is (rh+5.....+45 °C.
  • Upper and lower alarm limit temperatures can be set by the user.
  • The device has a stainless steel basket system in which blood bags will be placed.
  • The device operates at 220V, 50Hz.
  • The heater is located in a separate compartment from the inner chamber so that it does not come into contact with water and products.
  • With 300 W heater power, it reaches the desired temperature in a very short time.
  • With the circulation feature, the melting time of the products is shortened.
  • The pool can be emptied in a short time with the drain tap.
  • The device has a PID controlled heating system. In this way, the device can be kept constant at the desired temperature and energy consumption is minimized.
  • The device has a delayed start and timer feature. In this way, the device can automatically turn itself off when the operating program is finished.
  • The device has a user-friendly panel with turn-and-press feature that provides easy use.
  • Emsaş A.Ş. All medical devices manufactured by us have a 2-year warranty.
  • All our products are produced in accordance with ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485 TSE service location qualification requirements.
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