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  • There are products with 6 -12 and 24 pieces capacity.
  • Thanks to the PID control system used in the device, it both saves energy by giving power to the resistance at certain intervals and allows the bottle temperatures to be kept in a stable state at the desired set value.
  • With the indefinite operation mode in the device, your device can maintain a stable temperature for 24 hours.
  • Homogenous heat distribution is provided with silicone resistors and aluminium plate.
  • In case of overheating of the resistances, an external mechanical safety thermostat is used to protect the resistance. Thanks to this, your resistance is protected in overheating.
  • Microprocessor card is used in the device.
  • Optionally, an alarm can be added to the device for the lower upper limit of the temperature.
  • Thanks to the timer in the device, your device can work and switch itself off for the time you specify.
  • Optionally, 12 24 36 bottle capacity products are available.